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Does this describe your company’s paper document processes?

AccuRoute Fax – Omtool’s Enterprise Fax Server Solution

In addition to the comprehensive features and benefits of Omtool’s Genifax fax server solution, AccuRoute Fax provides direct integration with the “smart” multi-function printers (MFPs) in your organization. AccuRoute Fax can fully integrate with the embedded software on MFPs from manufacturers such as HP, Ricoh, Sharp, and Xerox, enabling users to send a fax directly from the MFP device with all the organizational, user, and cost benefits of a centralized digital fax infrastructure.

In addition, when using the MFP as a fax onramp, AccuRoute Fax can capture the identity of the user to establish a fax record (i.e. audit trail) and provide status e-mail notifications.

With AccuRoute Fax organizations can:

  • Send faxes using a “smart” MFP
  • Reduce or eliminate overhead costs of fax machines
  • Take advantage of emerging telephony technologies such as a Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) and Fax-Over-IP (FoIP)
  • Enhance document communication and processes by digitizing fax transmissions and making faxes available at the point of delivery
  • Fax-enable individual desktops and key business systems to minimize manual, paper fax activities
  • Digitize fax images immediately for faster processing, response time, and integration with business processes
  • Authenticate/identify users and capture inbound and outbound fax transmissions to support company information and retention policies, compliance requirements, and risk mitigation policies

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