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Omtool's Healthcare Suite
is designed specifically for healthcare providers to efficiently manage their medical records lifecycle.

Omtool Healthcare Suite

From admission through discharge, healthcare providers must carefully manage a daunting array of complex forms, patient documents and charts, verification data and much more - all of which are carefully governed by clinical practices, strict patient confidentiality, regulatory frameworks and reimbursement issues.

From Registration to Point-of-Care to the Back Office: The Omtool Healthcare Suite

Responding to these challenges, a growing number of hospitals, medical centers and health facilities are turning to the Omtool Healthcare Suite, the industry's only set of comprehensive tools - designed expressly for healthcare providers - that efficiently manage the medical document lifecycle.

Leveraging the acclaimed Omtool AccuRoute document-handling platform, the Omtool Healthcare Suite encompasses solutions to streamline registration, inpatient care and post-discharge reimbursement. Omtool eliminates redundant and wasteful forms and processes, improves productivity through electronic forms, improves the patient experience, increases patient safety, strengthens confidentiality and accelerates the revenue/reimbursement cycle.

ADT eForms

This system provides hospitals with electronic forms for on-demand admissions, discharge and transfer (ADT) and simplified patient identification, including ID bracelets and patient ID labels.

eForms Station

This electronic forms library delivers immediate access to a custom library of electronic and printable forms.

Image-In Direct Capture

Omtool's digital-image capture system scans typically non-clinical documents such as insurance cards, driver's licenses, referral forms and HIPAA notices and displays them on a desktop paneled window.

Image-In Business

Use this healthcare business-document and form capture system to convert paper-based documents to electronic records.

Image-In Clinical

This medical-records scanning system enables you to capture the entire patient file after discharge.

Image-In Queue

Using this scanned-image and document viewer, administrators can manage, view and disseminate electronic documents to the proper departments and/or patient files.


Omtool's acclaimed document-handling platform supports distributed document capture for scanning, routing and archiving medical information throughout the patient service cycle and provides document distribution into the document workflow products found in Omtool's Healthcare Suite.


This data archive provides the foundation to securely store information designed, developed and captured through any of the Omtool Healthcare Suite products.

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