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Does this describe your company’s paper document processes?

Image-In Queue

In an ideal world, every document processed electronically would not need to have manual intervention. However, there are many document workflows that require a personal touch to review documents, identify deficiencies in the document, garner a signature, reroute to the proper destination, and/or ultimately archive the document. Whether a document is scanned and needs to be managed in a workflow queue or a new fax is delivered and needs to be tracked and re-routed, Image-In Queue is designed to manage those document processes.

Image-In Queue: The Digital Alternative

Image-In Queue is a desktop component of Omtool's enterprise-level document capture and handling system, AccuRoute, which enables knowledge workers to view documents, identify problems, reroute them, and store those documents in the proper places. Whether deployed as part of a standalone fax configuration or as a component of an enterprise e-document delivery and management system, Image-In Queue provides a digital alternative to manage mail services, document deficiency handling, electronic signature stamping, vendor invoice processing, among many other common document workflow applications. Instead of sending and receiving communications using a traditional fax machine or a paper-based method and managing the documents manually, Image-In Queue automates the entire process - using your existing e-mail system to efficiently deliver images and notifications right to the recipient's desktop or Web-based browser.

Image-In Queue Highlights:

  • Flexible permission rules to ensure security and confidentiality
  • Document review to identify document deficiencies or additional content requirements
  • Capture metadata to be processed and stored with managed documents
  • Manage multiple workflows (queues) through single common interface
  • Improve efficiency by combining multiple related documents or faxes into a single, comprehensive document
  • Eliminate lost documents through extensive tracking, logging and archiving

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