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Does this describe your company’s paper document processes?

Products Overview

Document-management challenges are rising to the top of the agenda for many companies as they continue to grow and become more diverse. Today, you need:
  • Continuous and spontaneous enterprise document handling.
  • Immediate access to documents and forms where and when you need it.
  • The ability to capture documents from virtually any multi-function device including "smart MFPs" that provide sophisticated embedded software in their displays.
  • Simultaneous distribution of documents to multiple destinations such as fax, e-mail, or document or records management systems and document archives.
  • Capture of paper, electronic and mixed-mode documents and integration of them into electronic file structures (including document management and storage systems).
  • Decentralized document and form capture and scanning at the point of service.
  • The flexibility of personal document-routing instructions and the availability of public routing rules

AccuRoute Document-Handling Platform

Omtool's acclaimed, enterprise-class AccuRoute solution streamlines the capture, conversion, communication and archiving of paper and electronic documents for organizations of all sizes. This server-based document-handling platform provides fast, secure and simultaneous document distribution to multiple destinations in multiple formats, enabling organizations to perform complex document management tasks more efficiently. AccuRoute makes documents immediately accessible where and when they are needed. The result: organizations enjoy faster, more efficient document workflows, while reducing associated costs, complexity and risk.

Omtool Healthcare Suite

The Omtool Healthcare Suite encompasses solutions to streamline registration, inpatient care and post-discharge reimbursement. Omtool's solutions eliminate redundant and wasteful forms and processes, improve productivity through electronic forms, improve the patient experience, increase patient safety, strengthen confidentiality and accelerate the revenue/reimbursement cycle.


This high-performance file system stores the documents, forms, images and information you capture with AccuRoute or the Omtool Healthcare Suite in virtually any file type or format. ObjectArchive also provides general-purpose archive, fax and e-mail storage. With ObjectArchive, you have immediate access to documents, forms and records needed where and when they are required - with full support for record-retention policies.

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