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Omtool's Healthcare Suite
is designed specifically for healthcare providers to efficiently manage their medical records lifecycle.


ObjectArchive from Omtool provides a high-volume document archive system designed to store data in its final form - commonly referred to as fixed-content information. Built to be integrated with highly reliable, yet low-cost storage area networks, ObjectArchive provides dramatic price, performance and value-added platform enhancements in high-capacity fixed-content data archiving. ObjectArchive is a system with the flexibility to store any object type and support millions of data objects without performance limitations associated with traditional file-oriented databases.

Since 1999, ObjectArchive has been deployed in hundreds of facilities in the U.S., Canada and the UK. ObjectArchive works with both the Omtool Healthcare Suite for archiving documents and records or with AccuRoute for secure archiving of document distributions.

ObjectArchive Highlights:

  • Any format used for all types of images are supported, including not only TIF, but also JPEG, PDF, DICOM, PEG, HTML, Flash and more - all through a single viewer.
  • Multi-thread: ObjectArchive runs any number of concurrent threads, vastly improving throughput.
  • Fault tolerant: ObjectArchive maintains at least two copies of an image at all times. Based on specifications, there may be four or five copies depending on the type of operation and hardware in use.
  • Object journaling: Omtool provides full "play-back" capabilities if any event occurs that affects the ability to view images.
  • Fail-safe recovery and backup, virtually ensuring that you never lose an object.

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