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Does this describe your company’s paper document processes?

Omtool Solutions for Healthcare

Whether it’s privacy issues, payment processes, patient records or employment document workflows, healthcare organizations are among the most document-intensive businesses in the world. All the while, healthcare providers have operational businesses to run. Like most enterprises, they must manage a daunting array of paper-intensive processes that are crucial to their success as a business organization. The ever-increasing pressure to automate processes and eliminate costs associated with the manual handling of paper is causing healthcare directors of the back office to continually examine creative ways to address document workflow automation needs.

Treating the Back Office "Paper Cuts"

With the powerful capabilities of Omtool’s document process automation and workflow solutions, many of the repetitive and manual tasks that occur throughout areas such as human resources, materials management, finance, and other back-office departments can be automated. AccuRoute allows your hospital, clinic or physician practice to take any form, paper-based or electronic, and forward it to the right people for processing immediately after submission. Further, with Omtool’s electronic signature capability, processing is further simplified and integrity is assured. Decision-makers can indicate approvals or denials with the click of a mouse before forwarding materials to others for further processing. Now, back office procedures that can take weeks using paper-based methods are reduced to days using Omtool’s AccuRoute document process automation and Image-In workflow solutions. Although back-office processes may not be at the forefront of patient care, they are nonetheless indispensable to the efficiency of your organization. Without the proper infrastructure to manage documents, the back offices at healthcare organizations endure a never-ending – and unnecessary – series of “paper cuts”: reimbursement delays, lost documents, compliance risks, the wasted space of vast file rooms, and the added expenses of copying, faxing, and couriering. These unsettling symptoms result in a series of needless costs, slower payments, lower productivity, reduced patient satisfaction, and unnecessary risks.

Omtool AccuRoute uniquely delivers extensive healthcare-specific capabilities, flexible configurations, and the simplicity to implement basic or robust document workflows that involve thousands or millions of documents per month.

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

Thanks to outdated workflows, manual processes, and legacy systems too many healthcare organizations spend too much time searching for and entering invoice information. The results: missed discount opportunities, costly late fees, process inefficiency, higher costs per invoice, and poor vendor relationships.

Omtool AccuRoute creates electronic workflows to move invoices and related information quickly through approval cycles and into financial systems. It captures invoices at the point of processing and shepherds those invoices through approval stages along with pertinent client and billing information. Once approved, the invoices are archived while retaining a direct connection to the billing system for continuous and immediate access. No more passing documents across multiple departments and making multiple copies before manually approving and filing them, and re-keying data into accounting systems.

Centralized Billing

Hospitals want to streamline the traditionally paper-intensive billing cycles to accelerate payments, quickly respond to denials, improve reimbursement rates, and reduce administrative costs. Omtool AccuRoute brings structure and speed to your communications with payers and patients by aggregating all types of payment documents (including invoices, explanations of benefits, and charge-capture details), and integrating that data with your financial systems – all in a compliant manner.

Compliant Fax-Based Communications

While fax remains popular for both internal and external communication, it’s also raises concern as a HIPAA liability. By leveraging your existing MFPs and business applications, Omtool makes faxing secure, efficient, cost-effective - and compliant. Omtool AccuRoute Fax identifies, tracks, and records all document-related transactions and communications. Your document communications are stored in a secure archive where they will remain and are quickly accessible when needed.

Human Resources and Employee Document-Driven Workflows

Human resource teams deal with highly sensitive information that typically involves paper-intensive processes. That’s traditionally meant endless cycles of printing and copying as documents get reviewed, approved, processed, delivered, and updated. The costs, time, risks, and errors associated with manual processing are damaging to your organization. Omtool automates HR tasks by capturing, processing, and delivering document-centric content to appropriate recipients and destinations while keeping information secure and providing a complete audit trail. You enjoy real-time access to the most accurate and up-to-date documentation, allowing you to deliver quality results to your organization and employees.

As the volume and breadth of your personnel files grow, it can feel like you are enduring a million paper cuts. Our solutions allow you to capture personnel information from any networked scan device, convert documents to a wide range of formats, and quickly, easily, and securely deliver them to desired destinations, applications, and archives. Eliminate the manual filing and lost or misfiled paperwork by managing your personnel files virtually. Ensure personnel information is accurate and easily searchable, and satisfy governing regulations.

Materials Management and Purchasing

From gauze to high-end surgical instruments, it’s not easy to ensure your hospital has the necessary medical supplies and equipment that are essential to quality care and low costs. With Omtool, you can better manage supplier contracts, identify opportunities for cost savings, and improve service by streamlining purchasing processes. Whether as a standalone solution or integrated compliment to your existing workflow solution, Omtool AccuRoute allows you to capture relevant information in one central location so your team can easily make purchase requests, update information, and facilitate faster approvals.

Medical Claims Processing

Manual and paper-intensive medical-claims processes are not only costly, they also expose you to the potential of overpayments, rejections, and denials caused by data entry errors. Without a strong solution in place for inbound and outbound information flows, you’re at risk. Omtool AccuRoute automatically captures information from virtually any document and delivers it to the desired back-end system, eliminating the cost and delay of paper copies and distribution.

If you are a healthcare provider seeking looking for a solutions to streamline document-intensive processes and automate document-drive workflows, please contact us.

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