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Omtool Solutions for Legal

For many forward-looking firms, corporate counsel, district attorneys, public defenders, and other criminal-justice participants, it's increasingly a case of paper non grata. Instead of wasting precious dollars duplicating their piles of paper, they're increasingly turning to computerized systems to bring efficiency, speed and cost-effectiveness to their documents.

The AccuRoute Platform

AccuRoute is the document-handling platform that collects content from various sources (hardcopy, e-mail, fax, or even hand-held devices) processes it (such as converting to another format and compressing it), composes it (such as merging documents) and passes the finished product to various delivery destinations such as litigation-support systems, document-management systems (now available for ProLaw), e-mail recipients, archives, or output devices.

AccuRoute MAINSTREET for Legal

Omtool recently launched its new AccuRoute MAINSTREET that offers document capture and workflow solutions with the full-featured, enterprise-class infrastructure demanded by the world’s largest firms, but packaged and priced for all “main street” firms. As document capture has become a pervasive and relied upon technology in legal firms, Omtool now includes all of its case management, litigation support, matter-centric DMS, and cost-recovery extensions into one flexibly-priced, easy to acquire package; AccuRoute MAINSTREET for the legal market. Document capture is no longer a luxury afforded only by the largest firms; it is a critical technology available to the entire market.

AccuRoute is used today by hundreds of leading firms for:

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