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Does this describe your company’s paper document processes?

Omtool Solutions for Trade and Logistics

Trade, logistics, and transportation companies are faced with an overwhelming amount of challenges related to paper and communication. Exceedingly large volumes of documents are needed to initiate and complete work processes from the initial order through to the final delivery of goods. And, added to this already timely process, the stakes are raised when crossing international borders, calling for a greater number of required documents and increased compliance challenges.

Documents in this paper-intensive industry come from a variety of sources. Equally challenging, the sources of these documents are distributed from many entities including suppliers, customers, carriers, intermediaries, industry-specific systems, and a variety of government entities. Logistics professionals have struggled with paper-intensive processes that require heavy administrative overhead, are prone to high error rates, and lack the level of security demanded by government compliancy mandates or affiliated with C-TPAT standards.

Omtool can alleviate this paper problem and improve the areas that are affected most by these challenges, including:

  • shipment processing workforces that must collect and collate the different pieces of documentation required to fulfill their part of the process in the logistics chain
  • accounting areas for validation of rates on billing invoices, cross-referenced with their corresponding shipment documents
  • post-shipment operations challenged with locating the appropriate supporting documents associated with costly government audits or customer account service practices

AccuRoute for Trade and Logistics

AccuRoute is Omtool’s enterprise-class document process automation platform for the deployment of solutions that capture, process, deliver, and archive critical business documents. The AccuRoute capture and processing software uniquely delivers flexible, distributed document capture with a highly scalable infrastructure, extensive capabilities, configuration flexibility, and the ease of use necessary to implement simple or complex solutions involving hundreds or millions of documents per month, out-of-the box.

Whether you are a third-party logistics provider (3PL) managing incoming documents (such as packing lists, commercial invoices, AWB/BL’s, arrival notices, etc.) in multiple formats from multiple sources or a shipper managing the documents from internal systems and external service providers, AccuRoute can automate and simplify the flow of these documents creating greater efficiency and improved visibility throughout your organization.

AccuRoute is able to help freight forwarders, custom brokers, third party logistics, importers, shippers, and carriers address complicated, paper-intensive document automation problems that they face in their typical everyday business operation.

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