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Advantage Enterprise Support

Advantage Enterprise Support customers can call with inquiries about the Omtool product. These inquiries include using the product, enabling product features to meet specific requirements, and reporting problems and other related matters.

Technical Support

Advantage Enterprise Support customers will be assigned a Dedicated Support Engineer available by direct telephone lines, e-mail, and paging services. E-mails received after 8PM EST will be responded to within a 24-hour period.

Technical Support is available 24-hours, 7 days a week. The response procedure will vary, depending on the time of the call. See below:

  • 8AM-8PM EST: Live response or timely callback by a Dedicated Support Engineer. Calls originating after 5PM EST may require a longer callback period, typically within two (2) hours.
  • 8PM-8AM EST weekday, weekends and designated Omtool holidays: A Dedicated Support Engineer will respond within 2 hours or less.
  • All reasonable efforts will be made to meet the response time(s) noted above. Response times listed are typical, but are not guaranteed.
The toll free number is (888) 303-8098. Unlimited toll free access to the Omtool Technical Support Center is provided for Advantage Enterprise Support customers. The toll free number is accessible from anywhere within the United States and Canada.

Electronic Support

Advantage Enterprise Support customers under agreement will receive 24-hour access to Omtool's Support Web site at

Under the Technical Support page, Advantage Enterprise Support customers will find our Knowledge Base Support Services, including an FTP site for software downloads. Advantage Enterprise Support customers may submit technical support requests using our on-line form, or by e-mail and fax. Advantage Enterprise Support customers can also:

  • Access the Knowledge Base on-line library
  • Obtain software downloads at

Pro-Active Help Desk Support

Geared toward customers with medium to large-scale MIS services, the Dedicated Support Engineer maintains an ongoing pro-active relationship with designated help desk administrators. The Dedicated Support Engineer will schedule conference calls for status updates and communicate important service notes and other topics in a timely manner.

API and Developer Support

The Dedicated Support Engineer may also assist the Advantage Enterprise Support customer's integration efforts at the API (Application Programming Interface) level. Support is limited to the base licensed version functionality of the software.

Enterprise Deployment Support

The Dedicated Support Engineer can offer recommendations for phased installations and corporate-wide deployments. In addition, the Dedicated Support Engineer can help assess the need for Omtool Professional Services.

Please note: Advantage Enterprise Support does not include Installation and Consulting Services. If you would like more information regarding these services, please visit or contact your Dedicated Support Engineer.

Priority Escalation to Engineering

Incidents that are determined by Omtool to need further engineering investigation will be escalated to the Omtool Development team. Engineering response times will vary according to the nature of the problem(s), with the highest priority given to those problems that are designated as P1 (systems down, unable to continue).

Software Maintenance Releases

Maintenance releases will only be available to the Advantage Enterprise Support customer who has been under an active maintenance agreement thirty (30) days prior to the shipment of a maintenance release. These intermediate releases contain many general and non-specific improvements to the code base developed through the normal course of software engineering. They may also include operational enhancements to existing core products, minor new features, and bug fixes.

Maintenance releases do not include software version upgrades that are sold, licensed, or otherwise marketed separately. Copies of documentation on either CD or print medium may be made available to an Advantage Enterprise Support customer upon request. Omtool will provide Support Services only on the current and immediately preceding version of the software.

Advanced Exchange

The original manufacturer warranty is passed through to the Advantage Enterprise Support customer. Advantage Enterprise Support customers may contact the manufacturer for warranty services after the one (1) year period.

Omtool offers a service of advanced ship for an Omtool-supplied modem in exchange for an in-warranty defective modem. Advanced hardware exchange is available at no extra charge to Advantage Enterprise Support customers.

Advantage Enterprise Support customers also have the option of Return to Factory for repair/replacement. Advantage Enterprise Support customers will ship the defective modem to Omtool and Omtool will process the repair/replacement for them. Typical lead-time is 14 days. Any repair charges assessed to Omtool by the manufacturer, for any reason, will be billed to the Advantage Enterprise Support customer. Payment is required prior to return of the exchange/replacement.

The Advantage Enterprise Support customer also has the option of processing in-warranty exchange/repair directly with the hardware manufacturer. Further information can be found in the original documentation, shipped with the hardware or by visiting the vendor's website.


Advantage Enterprise Support will be invoiced at thirty percent (30%) of the total list price of software products purchased plus $25,000.00, unless otherwise noted.

Omtool automatically invoices the Advantage Enterprise Support customer for their renewal one to two months prior to expiration. In order to reinstate an Advantage Enterprise Support contract which is 30 days or more past due, the Advantage Enterprise Support customer will be charged an additional 5% of the total list price of software products purchased. Omtool reserves the right to suspend or interrupt support for the Advantage Enterprise customer for any contracts that are 45 days past due.

The term of the maintenance agreement is one (1) year and is renewed on an annual basis. For more information, please contact the Support Renewal department at 888-303-8098.

Installation & Integration Services

This service is not included as an entitlement of your support contract. Omtool provides installation & integration services to speed the deployment and insure quality operation of our fax and secure e-mail products. As part of the installation & integration service, Omtool will dispatch a qualified installation engineer to the customer site, to install and configure the application specifically for the environment. For more information and pricing, please visit or contact your Regional Manager.

Due to the potential complexity of custom configuring the installation, Omtool cannot provide full installation & integration services over the telephone. In the event the customer chooses not to contract for on-site installation & integration services, Omtool will provide basic installation support including answering questions and providing minor installation problem resolution by telephone. This service is offered with a four (4) hour maximum. If the installation phone support reaches the four (4) hour maximum, the customer will be asked to purchase full on-site services, and a qualified installation engineer will be dispatched to install and configure the software.