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Support Overview

Omtool's team of dedicated service professionals helps ensure you derive maximum value from your Omtool deployment. Through the following services, customers enjoy the full benefits of Omtool's systems in a timely and cost-effective manner:

Online 24/7 Knowledge Base

Active maintenance customers can access our online knowledge base containing technical notes, updates, advisories and general technical information.

Advantage Support and Maintenance

Every maintenance-paying support customer is entitled to contact with a live, knowledgeable support professional who's trained to efficiently solve a wide array of Omtool issues and concerns. In addition to Web-based access to our Knowledge Base, you enjoy access to an FTP site for software downloads and updates, full documentation. You also have access to support professionals through e-mail, telephone and fax. Omtool offers three levels of support designed for businesses of any size. Current customers may log-in to view Entitlements of Support for each program.


Customers may login to view the current schedule and calendar for Omtool Training.

Professional Services

For customized integrations, Omtool's experienced engineers design solutions that meet specific system requirements. The professional services team is adept at anticipating issues, adapting systems to diverse environments and identifying opportunities to achieve cost savings and streamlined workflows.

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Note to current customers: Please login to view downloads/upgrades and documentation, knowledge base, technical notes, TechTips newsletter archive, services and training information and schedules, and entitlements of support.

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