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Installation and Integration

Omtool's Installation and Integration services have two objectives:

  1. Provide quick access to all of the features and benefits of Omtool's software and
  2. Ensure your organization has an infrastructure that is optimized for electronic document messaging - today and tomorrow.

One of the hallmarks of Omtool's software systems is their ability to unify the utility and advantages of disparate systems. While our software is easy to use and adds valuable benefits to any digital delivery environment, its technical sophistication often requires in-depth, knowledgeable installation, particularly in environments with legacy telephony frameworks and third-party software systems such as ERP, document management and cost recovery.

Process-Oriented, Results-Driven

Installation and integration services can be ordered in conjunction with any Omtool software system - before or after an initial purchase. Installation is a process-oriented endeavor that clearly outlines what is required and expected BEFORE the installation begins, DURING the onsite visit and AFTER the system is up and running. Since we understand the importance of your IT infrastructure, this attention to detail is also important because this information can be used to educate and inform executives and personnel across your entire organization.


The foundation for every installation and integration project is the Omtool Installation and Integration Checklist. This comprehensive series of easy-to-complete questions provides Omtool with an accurate view of your existing infrastructure, specific needs, and expected outcomes. The accuracy of answers helps ensure a smooth installation and integration and is invaluable for saving time and expediting the use of Omtool's features and benefits.

Upon completion of the checklist, Omtool initiates a pre-installation phone conference. This call introduces your IT team to the Omtool team who will be involved in the installation and integration. Typically, the checklist is reviewed to re-affirm your current messaging status, provide a run-down of the timeframes involved and offer you a convenient forum to answer any questions or concerns. Key issues that are covered in both the Checklist and conference include:

Current IT Environment

  • Telco infrastructure and plans: T1, PRI(ISDN)
  • System/platform information overview: Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino/Notes, GroupWise
  • Standard configurations for the network, desktop, messaging servers and third-party software/hardware
  • Third-party software currently in use (or planned): document management, cost recovery, databases

Hardware & Software Requirements

  • Necessary/future configurations, drivers, cable connections
  • Permissions/passwords
If necessary, Omtool will conduct multiple pre-installation conferences because setting a foundation before the installation and integration is of the utmost importance.


On a pre-arranged date , an Omtool installation and integration engineer (IIE) will arrive at your site equipped with all of the tools necessary to complete a successful installation.

Throughout the install, the IIE initiates a series of troubleshooting tests and records all of the activity for follow-up. The IIE also provides an overview demonstration of Omtool's software as well as an overview of how it is interconnected to your infrastructure.

The IIE will remain onsite until the server installation is complete and the features can be demonstrated. If, at any time, it is determined that additional services not previously discussed are required, the IIE can help you facilitate additional Professional Services.


Omtool is dedicated to ensuring that your software fulfills your expectations. To accomplish this, we provide several levels of support and service. These agreements can be purchased before or after installation.